November 26-30, 2017
Hwabaek International Convention Center (HICO)
Gyeongju, Korea
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Technical Sessions

Monday, November 27, 2017 10:40-12:20

Methods of Sensing, Processing, and Communication
Session Chairs : Wes HINES (University of Tennessee)
Jung-Taek KIM (KAERI)
10:40 AM Accuracy Review on Long Wired RTD Instrumentation Circuits, Inkoo HWANG, Jungtack KIM, Sub HUR (KAERI)
11:00 AM Implementation of Post-Accident Monitoring Systems (PAMS) in Ukrainian NPP’s, Taras TKACH (NNEGC “Energoatom”)
11:20 AM Flow Rate Measurement Deviation Analysis considering Process Fluid Density Inconsistency for Differential Pressure Transmitter, Eunsuk OH, Byung Rae KIM, Seog Hwan JEONG (KEPCO E&C)
11:40 AM A Modified Parity Space Averaging Technique for Online Calibration of Redundant Sensors in Nuclear Reactors, Moath KASSIM, Gyunyoung HEO (Kyung Hee University)
12:00 PM Experience with Long Term Performance of Safety Related Pressure and Differential Pressure Transmitters in Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plants, Sergiy LEBEDYNSKYY, Volodymyr LEBEDYNSKIY (Private JSC “Manometr-Kharkiv”)
Modernization of I&C and Control Room
Session Chairs : Jamie COBLE (University of Tennessee)
10:40 AM An Overview of the Progress in Research and Development in Advanced Instrumentation, Information, and Control Systems Technologies to Support Light Water Reactor Sustainability, Bruce P. HALLBERT, Kenneth D. THOMAS (INL)
11:00 AM Modernization of NPP's Safety I&C - Challenges and Solutions, Bernd RUDOLF (AREVA GmbH)
11:20 AM Modernization of Nuclear Power Plant’s Instrumentation and Control Systems on the Basis of FPGA Technology, Ievgenii BAKHMACH, Olexandr SIORA (Research and Production Corporation Radiy), Anton ANDRASHOV (Radics LLC), Vyacheslav KHARCHENKO, Andriy KOVALENKO (Centre for Safety Infrastructure-Oriented Research and Analysis)
11:40 AM Integrated Human and Organizational Factors-oriented Design and Development Method, Nicolas HENRY, Renaud AUBIN (EDF R&D)
12:00 PM Complexity Analysis of an FPGA-Based ESF-CCS, Joyce MAYAKA, Jae Cheon JUNG (KINGS)
Cognitive Systems Engineering for Process Control
Session Chairs : Jonghyun KIM (Chosun University)
Sun Yeong Choi (KAERI)
10:40 AM Computerized Procedure Interface for Nuclear Power Plant, Yeonsub JUNG (KHNP)
11:00 AM Application of Ecological Interface Design in NPP Operator Support System, Alexey ANOKHIN (JSC “Rusatom Automated Control Systems”), Alexey IVKIN (Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering), Sergey DOROKHOVICH (Simulation Systems Ltd.)
11:20 AM Application of Petri Nets for Formalization of NPP I&C Functional Design, Alexey CHERNYAEV, Elena ALONTSEVA, Alexey ANOKHIN (JSC “Rusatom Automated Control Systems”)
11:40 AM Suggestion of a RNN-based Plant Diagnosis System for Extreme Situations in Nuclear Power Plants, Seongkeun KANG, Poong Hyun SEONG (KAIST)

Monday, November 27, 2017 14:00-15:40

Surveillance, Diagnostics, and Prognostics I
Session Chairs Zhe Dong (Tsinghua University)
Man Gyun NA (Chosun University)
2:00 PM Sensor Selection Based On Boolean Network, Zhe DONG, Yifei PAN, Xiaojin HUANG (Tsinghua University)
2:20 PM Monitoring the Status of Safety Functions using LSTM, Jaemin YANG, Jonghyun KIM (Chosun University)
2:40 PM AREVA’s Spent Fuel Pool Level Measurement Solutions, Nicolas THILLOSEN, Sergio ESTEVEZ HERNANDEZ, Ryan REYNOLDS (AREVA GmbH)
3:00 PM Prediction of LOCA Break Position and Size Using MSVM, Ju Hyun BACK , Kwae Hwan YOO, Young Do KOO, Man Gyun NA (Chosun University)
3:20 PM New PRODIAG Algorithm and Acceptance Test, Young Soo PARK, Richard VILIM (ANL)
Future I&C technologies for Nuclear Applications I
Session Chairs : Bruce P. HALLBERT (INL)
Hyun Gook KANG (RPI)
2:00 PM IAEA Activities in the field of Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Janos EILER (IAEA)
2:20 PM Complementing Renewable Energy Production with Small Modular Reactors, Richard BISSON, Jamie COBLE, Kevin TOMSOVIC (University of Tennessee)
2:40 PM Classification of Abnormal Conditions: A Data-driven Aid for the Selection of Abnormal Operating Procedures in NPPs, Ibrahim AHMED, Sanghwa LEE, Gyunyoung HEO (Kyung Hee University)
3:00 PM Application of Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization in Condenser Control System Parameters Tuning, Yiliang LI, Zhi CHEN (Nuclear Power Institute of China)
3:20 PM Fiber Optic Cable for NPP Harsh Environment, Zuzana KONEČNÁ (Czech Technical University in Prague), Vít PLAČEK, Petr HAVRÁNEK (ÚJV Řež,)
Human Factors / Human Reliability Assessment
Session Chairs : Nicolas HENRY (EDF R&D)
Yeonsub JUNG (KHNP)
2:00 PM Autonomous Algorithm for Safety Function State of Nuclear Power Plant by Using LSTM, Daeil LEE, Jonghyun KIM (Chosun University)
2:20 PM Modeling the Resilience of Severe Accident Management Organizations Using AHP, Jooyoung PARK (Chosun University), Ji-tae KIM (KINS), Jonghyun KIM (Chosun University)
2:40 PM Sunburst Hierarchical Visualization Technique-based Navigation Support Interface for Information Processing System (IPS) in Nuclear Power Plants, Seung Min LEE, Gwi Sook JANG, Gee Yong PARK (KAERI)
3:00 PM The Development of Regulation Guideline Manual Regarding Beyond Design Basis Accident and Severe Accident, Ji-Yoon HAN, Dong-Jin KIM, Ji-Tae KIM, Yun-Hyung CHUNG (KINS)
3:20 PM Safety Assessment Framework for the Nuclear Decommissioning, HyungJun KIM, Seung Jun LEE (UNIST)

Monday, November 27, 2017 16:00-17:40

Surveillance, Diagnostics, and Prognostics II
Session Chairs : Jae Cheon JUNG (KINGS)
4:00 PM Development of a Smart Support System for Diagnosing Severe Accidents in Nuclear Power Plants, Kwae Hwan YOO, Ju Hyun BACK, Man Gyun NA (Chosun University), Seop HUR, Hyeon Min KIM (KAERI)
4:20 PM Estimation of Cutter Wear of a Milling Machine Using a Support Vector Regression Method, Young Do KOO, Man Gyun NA (Chosun University), Jung-Taek KIM (KAERI)
4:40 PM Towards Extracting 3-D Structural Representations of AGR Core Fuel Channels from 2-D In-Core Inspection Videos, Kristofer LAW, Graeme WEST, Paul MURRAY (University of Strathclyde), Chris LYNCH (EDF Energy Generation)
5:00 PM Development of an Improved Data-Driven Diagnostic Platform for Process Plants: Case Study of Feedwater Heater Leakage, Gayeon HA, Ibrahim AHMED, Gyunyoung HEO (Kyung Hee University)
5:20 PM An Ingenious Pressure Surveillance Algorithm to Detect CO2 Ingress Accidents in a Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor, Dong -Won LIM, Jaehyuk EOH, Ji-Young JEONG (KAERI)
Future I&C technologies for Nuclear Applications II
Session Chairs : Janos EILER (IAEA)
Chang-hwoi KIM (KAERI)
4:00 PM Determination of Allowable Setpoint for Safety Instrument in Consideration of Uncertainty and Confidence Level, Sanghoon BAE, Young-ki KIM, Chang-hwoi KIM (KAERI)
4:20 PM Analysis of MEMS Based Earthquake Instrument for Nuclear Power Plant, Md. Mehedi HASAN, Jae Cheon JUNG (KINGS)
4:40 PM VHDL Verification of FPGA based ESF-CCS for Nuclear Power Plant I&C System, Restu MAERANI, Jae Cheon JUNG (KINGS)
5:00 PM Case For The Adoption Of FPGA Technology In The Implementation And Replacement Of Equipment And Systems In Nuclear Power Plants, Mark Joseph BURZYNSKI (SunPort SA)
System Simulation Technologies
Session Chairs : Takeshi MATSUOKA (Utsunomiya University)
Kee-Choon KWON (KAERI)
4:00 PM Improvement of Wolsung Simulator including Severe Accident Analysis Models, Munsoo KIM, Yeonsub JUNG (KHNP)
4:20 PM The Design and Implementation of Refuelling Machine Simulator Control System Based on FPGA, Zhijun HE, Peng ZHANG (China Nuclear Power Engineering CO., LTD)
4:40 PM The Analysis and Simulation Study of the Control System for the Floating Nuclear Power Plant ACP100S, Zhi CHEN, Kai YOU, Tao LongTAO (Nuclear Power Institute of China)
5:00 PM Multi-unit Small Modular Reactor Control System Experimental Platform Design, Xinyu WEI, Junyan QING, Fuyu ZHAO (Xi’an Jiaotong University)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 10:00-12:00

Robotics & Automatic Remote Technologies
Session Chairs : Mitch PRYOR (University of Texas at Austin)
Youngsoo CHOI (KAERI)
10:00 AM Novel UAV and UGV Platforms for Physical Interaction with the Environment in support of Nuclear D&D Operations, Richard M. VOYLES, David CAPPELLERI, Shoushuai MOU (Purdue University), Howie CHOSET (Carnegie Mellon University), Robert BEAN (Purdue University), Rodrigo RIMANDO (U. S. Department of Energy)
10:20 AM Robotic Demonstrations Conducted at DOE Portsmouth Facility, Wendell H. CHUN (University of Colorado Denver), Rodrigo V. RIMANDO (U.S. Department of Energy)
10:40 AM Derivation of Robot Mission for Nuclear Emergency Response, Young Soo CHOI, Sung Uk LEE, Jai Wan CHO, Kyung Min JEONG (KAERI)
11:00 AM A Path Planning Algorithm for a Mobile Robot for Steam Generator Inspection in Nuclear Power Plants, Kyungmin JEONG, Sun Young NOH, Youngsoo CHOI (KAERI)
11:20 AM Recent Works on Emergency Response Robots at Nuclear Robotics Laboratory of KAERI, Ji Sup YOON, Jai Wan CHO, Youngsoo CHOI, Kyung-min JEONG, Jongwon PARK (KAERI)
Special Session: Cyber Security I
Session Chairs : Eric LEMOINE (CNSC)
Chul Hwan JUNG
10:00 AM Using Virtual and Augmented Reality to Improve Cyber Security and Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities, Scott GODWIN, Samuel CLEMENTS, Doug MacDONALD, Nick CRAMER, Rick REINSCHE, Shawn VanDYKE (PNNL)
10:20 AM Logging and Monitoring Parameters for Cyber Security Events of Digital I&C, Jae-Gu SONG, Jung-Woon LEE, JunYoung SON and Cheol-Kwon LEE (KAERI), Paul SMITH (AIT)
10:40 AM Trustworthy Computer Security Incident Response for Nuclear Facilities, Mislav FINDRIK, Ivo FRIEDBERG, Ewa PIATKOWSKA, Paul SMITH (AIT), Jae-Gu SONG (KAERI)
11:00 AM Development of a Quantitative Method for Evaluating Security Controls Based on Intrusion Tolerant Concept: Consideration of Adverse Effects, Chanyoung LEE, Poong Hyun SEONG (KAIST)
11:20 AM Three-level Deep Packet Inspection for I&C systems of NPPs, Jianghai LI, Xionghua SHENG, Shuanglin JIANG, Xiaojin HUANG (Tsinghua University)
11:40AM A Graded Approach for Cyber Security Evaluation of Nuclear I&C System with Bayesian Update, Jinsoo SHIN, Gyunyoung HEO (Kyung Hee University), Hanseong SON (Joongbu University)
System Reliability and Risk
Session Chairs : Wu Jie (Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, Chniese Academy of Sciences)
Seung Jun LEE (UNIST)
10:00 AM An Approach To Assess The Impact Of Instrumentation With An Embedded Digital Device, Richard T. WOOD, Tanner G. JACOBI, Dan C. FLOYD (University of Tennessee)
10:20 AM Analysis on Accident Sequences of SGTR Accident Considering the Status of Safety Valves, Jaehyun HAM (KAIST), Hyun Gook KANG (RPI)
10:40 AM Uncertainty Characterization For Dynamic Risk Assessment, Robby CHRISTIAN, Hyun Gook KANG (RPI)
11:00 AM A Coordination Review of AVR Limiter and Protective Function in Excitation System for Reliable Power System Operation in NPP, Ji-Kyung PARK, Hong-Seok JANG and Young-Sik CHO (KINS)
11:20 AM An Estimation of the Effectiveness of an Hybrid-SIT System under SGTR Accident, In Seop JEON, Hyun Gook KANG (RPI)
11:40 AM Analysis of operator available time for responding to accident situations in a digitalized main control room, Ji Suk KIM, EunSeo SO, SeungHoon CHAE, Jae Seon HA, EunJin JEONG, Man Cheol KIM (Chung-Ang University)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 14:20-16:00

Robotics & Automatic Remote Technologies II
Session Chairs : Richard M. VOYLES (Purdue University)
Kyungmin JEONG (KAERI)
2:20 PM Generating Survey Plans for Autonomous Robots using Source and Instrumentation Data, Robert Blake ANDERSON, Mitch PRYOR, Sheldon LANDSBERGER (University of Texas at Austin)
2:40 PM Dynamic Analysis of an In-Vessel Transfer System in Prototype Gen-IV Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor, Youn-Hee KWON, Dong-Won LIM, Sung-Kyun KIM (KAERI)
3:00 PM Augmented Teleoperation for D&D, Young Soo PARK (ANL), Joohee KIM (Illinois Institute of Technology), ByungSeon CHOI (KAERI)
3:20 PM Direct Lidar Odometry for a Rotating Multi-beam Lidar, Taewon KIM, Youngsoo CHOI (KAERI)
3:40 PM A Design of Robust Control Algorithm for a Decommissioning Hydraulic Manipulator, MyoungHo KIM, SungUk LEE (KAERI)
Special Session: Cyber Security II
Session Chairs : Scott GODWIN (PNNL)
Gyunyoung HEO (Kyung Hee University)
2:20 PM Development of A Prototype FPGA based Security Module to Control Data Communication Network Access, Mohamed Abdallah EL-AKRAT, Jae Cheon JUNG (KINGS)
2:40 PM Cyber Informed Engineering, Robert Stephen ANDERSON (INL)
3:00 PM Risk Assessment of Operator Errors Induced by Cyber-Attacks on Nuclear Power Plants, Jong Woo PARK, Seung Jun LEE (UNIST)
3:20 PM Implementation of cyber security for computerized operator support system of nuclear facilities, Wei ZHENG , Lei MAO (Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute)
3:40 PM Identification of Critical Digital Assets for Nuclear Instrumentation System in Research Reactor, Sungmoon JOO, Sang Mun SEO, Yong–Suk SUH (KAERI)
Special Session: MFM and Safety Culture I
Session Chairs : Morten LIND (DTU)
Poong Hyun SEONG (KAIST)
2:20 PM Knowledge Acquisition and Strategies for Multilevel Flow Modelling, Morten LIND (DTU)
2:40 PM Enhanced reasoning with multilevel flow modeling based on time-to-detect and time-to-effect concepts, SeungGeun KIM, Poong Hyun SEONG (KAIST)
3:00 PM Identifying causality from alarm observations, Denis KIRCHHÜBEL, Xinxin ZHANG, Morten LIND, Ole RAVN (DTU)
3:20 PM Barrier Identification by Functional Modeling of a Nuclear Power System, Jing WU, Morten LIND, Xinxin ZHANG (DTU), Pardhasaradhi KARNATI (ELDOR Technology AS)
3:40 PM Reasoning about Cause-effect through Control Functions in Multilevel Flow Modelling, Xinxin ZHANG, Morten LIND (DTU)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 16:20-18:20

Robotics & Automatic Remote Technologies III
Session Chairs : Wendell H. CHUN (University of Colorado Denver)
Young Soo PARK (ANL)
4:20 PM Design of Emergency Response Robot Platform K-R2D2, Sun Young NOH, Kyungmin JEONG (KAERI)
4:40 PM Robotic Technologies for Nuclear Remediation, Test and Evaluation, Knowledge Management, and Student Training, Leonel E. LAGOS, Dwayne MCDANIEL, Himanshu UPADHYAY, Ravi GUDAVALLI, Joseph SINICROPE, Peggy SHOFFNER (Florida International University)
5:00 PM Air-ground Collaborative System for Nuclear Accident Monitoring, Jongwon PARK, Young-Soo CHOI (KAERI)
5:20 PM Test of RGI system under Dense Aerosol Environments, Jai Wan CHO, Young Soo CHOI, Kyung Min JEONG (KAERI)
5:40 PM Development of a Remotely Controlled Robot and Tool for Maintaining Tasks in Nuclear Facilities, Hocheol SHIN, Yeonggeol BEA, You Rack CHOI, Seung Ho JUNG (KAERI)
Special Session: Cyber Security III
Session Chairs : Robert Stephen ANDERSON (INL)
Cheol-Kwon LEE (KAERI)
4:20 PM Status of Canadian Cyber Security Regulatory Framework and Implementation at Nuclear Facilities, Chul Hwan JUNG, Eric LEMOINE (CNSC)
4:40 PM Cyber Security Assessment Methodology of Critical Digital Asset in Nuclear Power Plant, IeckChae EUOM, Sung Cheol KIM, JooHyoung LEE (KEPCO KDN)
5:00 PM Security Management of Virtualised Supervisory I&C Systems in Nuclear Facilities, M. HEWES, N. HOWARTH, C. HUNT, A. NOONAN (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)
Special Session: MFM and Safety Culture II
Session Chairs : Andreas BYE (OECD HRP)
Akio GOFUKU (Okayama University)
4:20 PM Accident Management of the Station Blackout at BWR by Using Multilevel Flow Modeling, Mengchu SONG, Akio GOFUKU (Okayama University)
4:40 PM Modelling and Validating a DeoilingHydrocylone for Fault Diagnosis using Multilevel Flow Modeling, Emil Krabbe NIELSEN, Mads Valentin BRAM, Jérôme FRUTIGER, Gürkan SIN, Morten LIND (DTU)
5:00 PM An Overview of the MFM Suite for Diagnostic and Prognostic Reasoning of Industrial Process Plants, Harald P-J THUNEM (Institute for Energy Technology)
5:20 PM Development of an Evaluation Method for Nuclear Safety Culture Competency using Social Network Analysis, Sang Min HAN, Poong Hyun SEONG (KAIST)
5:40 PM What We Have Learned so Far About the Importance of MTO in Control Room Design, Andreas BYE (OECD HRP)
6:00 PM Review of Emergency Operating Guidelines from Nuclear Safety Culture Perspectives, Ho Bin YIM, Jae Min PARK, Chang Gyun LEE, Myung Hoon LEE, Jae Young HUH, GyuCheon LEE (KEPCO E&C)

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 10:00-12:00

Wireless Technologies in Nuclear Applications
Session Chairs : Leonel E. LAGOS (Florida International University)
Jung-Soo KOH (KINS)
10:00 AM A Study on Electromagnetic Compatibility to Adopt Wireless Technology in Nuclear Power Plants, Dong-Jin LEE, Jaeyul CHOO, Hyun Shin PARK, Youngdoo KANG, Youngsik CHO (KINS)
10:20 AM Application Methodology of Wireless Communication Technology for Nuclear Power Plants, Taejin KIM, Myunghoon AHN, Jongsoo KWON, Joohwan LEE (KEPCO E&C)
10:40 AM Electromagnetic evaluation for precaution against electromagnetic interference in nuclear power plants, Jaeyul CHOO, Dong-Jin LEE, Hyung Tae KIM, Daehee KIM, Youngdoo KANG, Hyun Shin PARK, Youngsik CHO (KINS)
Safety Critical Software Development and Qualification
Session Chairs : Ian JUNG (USNRC)
Man Cheol KIM (Chung-Ang University)
10:00 AM FBDScenaGen+: GA-based High-Quality Scenario Generator for FBD Simulation, Eui-Sub KIM, Sejin JUNG, Junbeom YOO (Konkuk University), Young Jun LEE, Jang Soo LEE (KAERI)
10:20 AM A Framework for the Safety Assurance of Safety Software in Nuclear Power Plants, Kee-Choon KWON, Jang-Soo LEE (KAERI), Eunkyoung JEE (KAIST)
10:40 AM One-Step -- Logic Automatic Translation For FPGA Applications, Allen HSU, Steve YANG (Doosan HF Controls Corp.)
11:00 AM Development of Software Testing Environment for Safety-critical Software Reliability Quantification, Sang Hun LEE (RPI), Seung Jun LEE (UNIST), Jinkyun PARK (KAERI), Eun-chan LEE (KHNP), RPI (Hyun Gook KANG)
Testing and Maintenance
Session Chairs : Richard T. WOOD (University of Tennessee)
10:00 AM Contribution of Electronic Circuit Simulation to Maintain and Exploit Perpetuated I&C Systems in Nuclear Power Plant, Alain OURGHANLIAN (EDF Lab Chatou)
10:20 AM An Improved Response Time Test Methodology for the Plant Protection System and Engineered Safety Feature - Component Control System, Chang Jae LEE, Jae Hee YUN (KEPCO E&C)
10:40 AM Development of an Information Reference System using Reconstruction Models of Nuclear Power Plants, Yuki HARAZONO (Kyoto University), Taro KIMURA (SoftBank Corp.), Hirotake ISHII, Hiroshi SHIMODA (Kyoto University), Yuya KOUDA (JAEA)
11:00 AM Model Based Sensor Parameter Estimation and Smart Calibration Scheme, Mujtaba MUJAHID, Ahmed YAR, Talha AZFAR (PAEC)
11:20 AM Updated Electromagnetic Compatibility Guidance For Nuclear Power Plant Instrumentation And Control Systems, Richard T. WOOD, David M. DAWOOD (University of Tennessee)
11:40 AM Equipment Testing for Severe Accident Conditions, Vít PLAČEK (ÚJV Řež), Zuzana KONEČNÁ (FEE – Czech Technical University in Prague)